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Incubation Application for Accelerate Prosperity
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Date of birth
City, district, village
Worker / Student / Entrepreneur / Other
What is your motivation for participating in the incubation program?
Your role in the business
Do you have previous experience in entrepreneurship?
The sector of your proposed business idea
Describe your business idea(Your product or service, the pro that you try to solve)
Expected number of jobs created
Location of your business
How is your idea different from others? How are you going to make your product or service profitable for your customers? Have you analyzed the market situation for your idea? (need, implementation, level of consumption, etc.)?
Who do you sell your product or services for? (identify key consumers)
Who are your main competitors? What makes you different from them?
Annual income and net profit for the next three years? (if present business: income and net profit for the last year)
Why do you think that you or your team will be able to successfully implement your idea? (Has your team, you or someone else from your team, had a business in the past or worked in a business-related venture?)
Does your business intend to ​​trade with neighboring countries? (export of goods, purchase of raw materials)
The amount of required investment (somoni) to implement or expand your business idea?
For what purpose do you need this investment?
The amount of your own investment? (cash, land, equipment, building, labor and other)
I confirm the proposed information is complete and accurate. If I proceed to the next stage, I am ready to participate in the Accelerate Prosperity Incubation program.
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