Web studio "BO/BO"
Our mission is to create more innovative companies in the CIS by introducing new technologies into business. Our goal is to simplify the work of the end user by introducing innovative solutions into the business
Nasim Abdullakhodjaev is an entrepreneur with a personal success story. Since his student years, he sought to implement his ideas and launched more than one project before the BO/BO Web Studio appeared

The web studio of integrated Internet marketing BO/BO has passed an interesting path of its formation: the restart and expansion of the team, the pandemic and the official partnership, cooperation with Accelerate Prosperity
and the growth of the company.

Before participating in the acceleration from Accelerate Prosperity, the BO/BO web studio team had its own company development model. BO/BO came to AP with a specific plan for the development of financial investments, the purpose of which was to improve the quality of services provided and improve the working conditions of employees, which would increase the efficiency of the company as a whole.

Through participation in the Local Impact program "Local Transformation: Transformative Partnership in Asia and Africa" with the support of the United States Agency for International
Development (USAID) and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF).
BO/BO web studio has acquired the necessary knowledge, the ability to predict the financial activity of the company and not only stay afloat, but grow and develop.

Now BO/BO Web Studio has successful cases in business industries such as construction and real estate, business services, e-commerce, startups, restaurant business and retail. The main directions of the company are Internet promotion, website development and professional CRM integration.

The web studio of integrated Internet marketing BO/BO is an official partner of amoCRM, Bitrix24
and ProfitBase in Tajikistan.
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+992 93 777 07 75 (Khujand)
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