Accelerate Prosperity, an initiative of the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) in Central and South Asia, aims to stimulate small and growing businesses by funding and inspiring start-up entrepreneurs in developing regions to expand into new markets, create jobs and strengthen the country's economy.
To generate a pipeline of aspiring entrepreneurs and to foster unique business ideas that can benefit from AP's Incubation Services, our team inspires young women and men through role models, motivational talks and hackathons, to view entrepreneurship as a career of choice, and improve community perceptions about starting a business as a decent and gainful career pathway, especially for women.
Business Ideation Services
To build a pool of promising entrepreneurs and develop unique business ideas that can benefit from AP's incubation services, our team inspires young women and men through role models, motivational conversations and hackathons to see entrepreneurship as a career of choice and improve society's perception of starting a business as worthy and rewarding. lucrative career path, especially for women.
Pre-incubation activities
The objective is to provide business model trainings and advisory support to entrepreneurs looking to convert their business ideas or early-stage ventures (with <1 years of operations) into a small and growing business (SGB). Incubation consists of three stages: business modelling, financial modelling and pitch-making, and company registration and compliance.
Business Incubation
Entrepreneurs present their businesses to an independent investment committee to receive investment. Based on the results of their pitch and after a comprehensive due diligence, selected entrepreneurs will be able to receive up to $50,000.
Graduates are given full access to the resources of Accelerate Prosperity and partner organizations, as well as comprehensive technical support and advice from highly qualified professionals. This includes both attracting the next round of investment and working with consultants on international certifications, improving marketing and sales and other aspects of the company.
technical assistance

The objective of business acceleration is to offer "investment-readiness" technical assistance, provide and intermediate start-up or growth finance, and deliver post-finance technical assistance and monitoring to start-ups with a demonstrated minimum viable product (MVP), as well as to existing businesses that aspire to grow.
Business Acceleration
Since 2016, Accelerate Prosperity Tajikistan has been supporting potential entrepreneurs through business modeling, 1:1 employee coaching, mentoring, networking with entrepreneurs, funding readiness, growth stage funding, investor services, and trade facilitation.

Funded in SMEs

Private commitment guaranteed for future investment

Jobs created in invested enterprises

Invested enterprises
Entrepreneurs whose path to success inspires action
While studying at the institute, Abdukarim began to think about how to provide himself and the local population with high-quality sports uniforms. So he bought a light industry machine and started producing clothes for sports.
Abdukarim Sultanov
Patience and perseverance will allow you to achieve your goal and develop your business. Do not give up, do not stop before difficulties, work hard and seek support from organizations such as Accelerate Prosperity
Afsona Komilova
Nasim Abdullakhodjaev is an entrepreneur with a personal success story. Since his student years, he sought to implement his ideas and launched more than one project before the BO/BO Web Studio appeared
Nisso Mirzoeva
Shirin Sufieva
Accelerate Prosperity provided technical assistance and access to patient capital, which allowed Shirin to develop an effective financial model, which proved successful.
In 2020, Nisso took part in the AP - Women Cup competition. Out of 30 participants, Nisso became one of the two finalists and received capital for her business.
Azam Akhrulloev successfully presented his business at a pitch event in Dushanbe, and was able to receive an additional $23,000 to finance his business.
Azam Akhrulloev
"I would like to thank the Accelerate Prosperity team for their professional advice in understanding the financial management of an organization. Thanks to AP, we have doubled our performance, which has had a direct impact on our clients!"
"The business-specific coaching and feedback and trustworthy and insightful advice from Accelerate Prosperity experts throughout the process has allowed me to expand my business to a size that I could have never imagined."
"Participation in the AP programming made my perspective idea clearer and I was able to finally start my business which now employs 10 women. I could not be prouder!"
Umeda Abdulloeva
The Startup: Brand "Safiya"
Vasila Nuralishoeva
The Startup: "Chidir"
The Startup: Web studio "BO/BO"
Nasim Abdullokhojaev
Complete the incubation program
Financial Supporters
European Union: SCORED & AP Asia
Accelerate Prosperity Tajikistan has successfully partnered with the European Union to implement two projects. The Supporting Cooperation and Opportunities for Regional Economic Development (SCORED) project seeks to catalyse regional economic development and integration in the border regions of Afghanistan and Tajikistan, and AP Asia contributes to the enhanced equitable economic well-being of women and men in rural Tajikistan.
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