"Donoyak" Education Center
"Once I opened the Donoyak center. I saw how much people needed it and how important it was for them. I now see hope in the eyes of people in the region for the bright future of their kids. Their children, more or less, now have equal opportunities with the city children."
In 2015, Nisso opened Donoyak, her own education center in Khorugh for children from six years to 12 years old. There, she was able to expand the traditional syllabus to include early childhood development, mental arithmetic, fluent reading, English language, and math games to engage children.
Nisso dreamed about further expanding her business by opening another center in Ishkashim. However, she lacked funding to make her dream come true. That's when she applied and successfully completed the AP programming. Upon a rigorous selection process Niso's business was selected to receive the necessary investment.
In 2020, Nisso participated in the Women Cup competition, led by Accelerate Prosperity, where she learned about women-run small business development. Out of 30 participants, Nisso became one of the two finalists and receive capital for her business. This enabled her to open the education center in Ishkashim in December 2020. The center now has around 70 students and employs two teachers in addition to Nisso.
Nisso has big plans for the future. She wants to expand her center to Shugnan, Roshtqala, and Rushan districts. Furthermore, she wants to add new courses at the centers, drawing on her academic background and her interest in how the brain works. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she spent four months at home learning about emotional intelligence, which helps people understand and manage their emotions in positive ways. She now wants to introduce emotional intelligence to the students at the Donoyak centers, making them the only institutions in Tajikistan that will teach this practice to children ages six and up.
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