High-quality sports uniform from the brand "Sa-Ray"
The main principle of our production is the use of environmentally friendly material - cotton. As everyone knows, Tajikistan is rich in cotton
The love of sports and the need for high-quality athletic form formed the basis of Abdukarim Sultanov's project "Sa-Ray".

While studying at the institute, Abdukarim began to think about how to provide himself and the local population with high-quality sports uniforms.So he bought a light industry machine and started producing clothes for sports.

Over time, Abdukarim's company scaled up and the list of services provided increased - Sa-Ray began to produce home textiles.

In 2020, Abdukarim became a participant in the joint initiative of the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Relations (SECO) and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) "SAGE: Support for accelerated growth of entrepreneurs". Cooperation with Accelerate Prosperity helped Abdukarim to build an effective financial model of the project and improve the management of internal documentation.

Abdukarim plans to expand production - "In the near future we will purchase new special equipment for processing and dyeing fabric, and also plan to enter the export market."
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