Return to traditional roots
By raising yaks for organic dairy and meat, Kumushay Tajalieva is preserving the unique culture of the people of Murghab, while creating stable employment for women
We're helping her expand her business and bring prosperity to her community
I'm proud to be creating employment for women, because this means they can earn an income for their families.
I started my first business more than 20 years ago, importing goods from Kyrgyzstan and selling them in Tajikistan. Gradually, I started to expand, then diversified into rearing yaks, cattle, goats and sheep. Yaks are part of our culture, however yak breeding is on the decline in Murghab, and as a consequence people are forgetting about our traditions and the benefits of yak products.

Many women do not know how to milk a yak or how to sew a yak wool sweater. I decided to change that. I am educating people about the health benefits of organic yak products, such as yak butter, which provides a high source of carotene, calcium, protein and energy. With an investment from Accelerate Prosperity, I am working on increasing my yak herd. I've hired four additional full time employees and five additional temporary workers, including four women.